Consultants and Surveyors since 1995

Air Waterland, general aviation specialist at heart, is well aware of this and ensure that the costs for general aviation users are reduced by providing a number of specifically targeted services at this market such as; purchase, sale and brokerage, Pilot Owner Maintenance, camo, consultancy. We have clients all over Europe.

Fly Greener and Cheaper

Air Waterland is for more than 25 years active in the aviation business. Many things have changed in technology but a relative limitied number of flying schools are benefitting from this. They still teach with old Piper and Cessna aircraft with AVGAS engines.

The coming years this will dramatically change due to more focus on environmental issues and economics. Luckily there are very good alternatives available for training and pleasure like the Aquila VLA and Fusion ULA aircraft. With these planes pilots of the future can we trained with a fraction of the cost and less impact on the environment.

Besides the more fuel efficient MOGAS aircraft, the development of electric airplanes continues. Air Waterland watches this development closely and participates in some projects. 

We would like to calculate what your flying school can save by flying with more efficient and maintenance reduced aircraft.

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